The following is sorta a privacy policy for any Android port made by HackerNCoder, including, but not limited to: Butterfly Soup for Android, Yuki's 4P Android port, SCHEME Android port.

The app does not share any information with anyone.
Technical information about the app, and it's operation is logged to a file on the users device, the user can choose to (manually) share information from this file with the developers, e.g. for troubleshoting or bug reports. The logs include some information about the device, for example the screen size and gpu. The log does not include information about the user.
I (HackerNCoder, the developer) do not track, record other otherwise have information about the user. I do not have intentions of ever doing so.

Some of my games Play Store listings use the built in data safety feature to also communicate the above.
But the feature only considers data as "collected" when it is transferred off a users device, so I have to work around that idea. One result is when asked whether the transfer is done using encryption or not, since it isn't done at all I opted to use "Your data isn't transferred over a secure connection".